Enjoy Excellent Results With Top Fine Art Photo Printing Services

When you decide to get prints of your artwork and photos, you have to hire a reputed fine art photo printing service. Printing technology offers different types of options and the major point of contention is to choose between lithographic printing and giclee printing.


Various market research studies suggest that giclee prints have gained more prominence than lithographic prints. Anyway,some traditionalists still prefer traditional lithographic prints over giclee prints and they put forward their own reasons to justify their decision.

What is the ultimate truth? The simple answer is that you must choose a method that goes well with your own requirements, but technological advancements have improved the quality of printing and methods like giclee printing,are a much better option compared to traditional lithographic printing methods.

Pros and Cons of traditional lithographic printing methods

A good number of fine art printing services are making use of this method to print fine art paintings and photos. You can enjoya limited number of advantagesusing traditional printing. This method can be ideal for mass production and does not invite high expenses. The main disadvantage is the quality of the canvas print and this method cannot compete with the technologically advanced methods like giclee printing service. Lithographic prints do not offer the same quality of print finish and are not as long lasting when compared to giclee printing.

Pros and Cons of giclee printing

Giclee printing is being producedusing computers and high end inkjet printers to ensure high quality fine art prints from your photos or artwork. Giclee prints really stand tall when it comes to quality, visual appeal and repeatability. The prints can be producedquickly and on demand. Giclee prints can be printed to suit any budget and shipped world wide.

The quality of the giclee prints is truly exceptional and can be printed on superior heavy weight papers and canvases. One of the most notable limitations of this method is that they are not as quick to mass produce compared to other printing methods. When you consider the depth of colour and overall quality of print combined with a fast delivery and bulk order capabilities, the price comes down quite significantly.

Renowned fine art printing companies also offer different types of services such as photo negative scanning service, soft proofing/colour correction and custom printed greeting cards, to accommodate the emerging needs of different artists. You can also contact our amazing printing services for archival pigment printing and we strive hard to bring amazing results by focusing on minute details like colour depth and tonal accuracy. When you hire a competent fine art photo printing company for your canvas print requirements, you can enjoy unparalleled printing quality that surpasses your expectations.


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