Giclee for fine art photography printing

Fine art photography printing means you’re looking for more than a commercial digital print, you’re looking to turn your images into fine artworks. Photographers who value their work and want their photo prints to reflect their level of commitment, turn to fine art Giclee printing for exceptional results. Giclee printing properties offer a reliable and repeatable quality, whether the photo prints are printed together or as one offs, over the years.

What is Giclee printing

Giclee (pronounced ghee -clay) comes from the french verb ‘to squirt’ and explains the process of micro dots of pigment ink being ‘squirted’ onto art paper. With fine art Giclee printing the image is colour matched to the original artwork and this involves using calibrated equipment, to gain as close a resemblance as possible. Calibration effects the original image or artwork, from creating a digital image of artwork, to how it is viewed on a screen, then to how it prints on a chosen paper. Each process effects the colours, calibrating all the equipment aims to equalise this process.

Giclee papers and canvasses

The Giclee printing process uses between 6-12 pigment inks, which offer a vibrant depth of colour to fine art photography prints. Images are printed onto cotton rag or cellulose papers and canvasses (substrates). There are a range of textures and finishes available, ranging from high gloss bright white, variations on satin sheens, through to velvet matt textures.

Samples of the various Giclee papers and canvasses are available from fine art Giclee printing companies. It is worth photographers looking at the types of papers that are available, that work well with professional photography printing. Baryta paper is popular with black and white images, it has a barium sulphate coating which allows the grey tones to shine through on the glossy paper.

Archival Giclee printing

When looking at fine art Giclee papers and canvasses it is worth checking that the professional photography printing company offers genuine brand (i.e Hahnemuhle and Canson) archival fine art papers and not third party papers. Trusted brand papers and canvasses are laboratory tested for levels of OBAs (optical brighteners) and their longevity. In other words they are tested for the chemicals that will affect the life of the fine art photo print. Non archival papers will cause the print to lose its colour, causing fading and change of tones.

With fine art Giclee printing pigment inks are used which are also archival and can have a lightfastness of 100-200 years, depending on how the fine art photography print is stored or displayed.

Last word on Giclee printing for fine art photography printing

Photographers have to gain a reputation for high quality fine artworks and their customers will expect to purchase beautiful artworks, that will in turn become collectors items. Photographers need the reliability Giclee printing offers, which provides their customers with a trusted longterm investment.

For more info: Fine Art Printing Services


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